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 School History

         Maadi Canal School has been considered one of the best schools since the beginning of the last century.It was established in 1916 for the children of the English community who lived in Egypt.It was named “Canal” in the memorial of President/ Gamal Abdel Nasser’s decision of the nationalization of the Suez Canal.In 1956 the school was put under the umbrella of the ministry of education and the national institutes.

School Vision
Preparing a well-mannered creative and distinguished generation that staunchly believes in citizenry and belonging, embowered by modern educational technology and effective societal participation.

School Mission 
       We provide the highest quality education so that our students are empowered to lead productive and fulfilling lives as lifelong learners and responsible citizens.We honor the diversity of our community by working as a team to ensure the educational success of all our students.We recognize that our obligations go beyond our professional responsibilities.We seek to provide education for tomorrow’s world by utilizing the latest educational methodologies, techniques and technology.We are doing our utmost for the welfare of our children.We aim at providing them with a peaceful learning environment.Our goal is to prepare an active and distinguished citizen who is also proud to be Egyptian.You are most welcome to contact the school for further information.
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